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MugShot Glasses make Fun Presents, Great Birthday Gifts, Wedding Favours, or unique additions to Stag and Hen Parties!

4605 mugshot glasses made so far


To get your criminally cool Mugshot Glasses, just follow this simple 3 step procedure.

  1. Click Pick Your Shot and then choose the Image you want on the glass from a file on your Tablet, Phone, PC or Laptop. Then click the upload button! (if you are having trouble uploading an image, please get in touch and we will do it manually for you).
  2. Once uploaded you can crop your image into the area that you want to display on the MugShot Glasses. If you can't see the submit button, just scroll down a bit. Our system will then automatically change the image to black and white and then will offer you two choices of image style. Choose the one you like best.
  3. Make it cool by adding whatever text you like. For Example: 'Claires Hen Party 2017' Then it's time to order your MugShot Glass or Glasses. You can choose the quantity you need, or continue to buy multiple glasses with multiple images on. Please contact us for particualrly bespoke orders.

So, what are you waiting for?
Get your perfect MugShot Glasses today.

We can provide any volume of Mugshot Glasses with almost any image on that you require. We can also offer Worldwide Delivery. If you have any further questions, just get in touch via

All of our Mugshot Glasses are made of a glass like plastic known as polycarbonate, which makes them safe and fun to use anywhere. They look like glass, but are perfect for drunken behaviour.